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Services Description EVAP refrigerator repair

If it is leaking freezer refrigerator, the evaporator can be fixed again?

can answer, but could only reduce the cost of replacing the evaporator by means of patching the leaking section.
That is, with the following steps:
1 using the iron glue glue in a small tube that one is black and the other white and you can buy at the store building
2 mix with equal parts between white and black, within five minutes the glue will become hard as a rock
3 for maximum results, try before pasting glue on the iron door of the refrigerator evaporator which punctured sharp objects, evaporatornya sanded and besihkan with a dry cloth prior
4. make sure the evaporator is no more residual pressure freon
5. after sanded until the paint is gone, then you stir the glue
6 after the average thereof, stick or put on the evaporator pit that is leaking and allow up to a few hours
7 if there is still pressure on a freon leak, let the rest of the first runs freonnya
8 after the remainder of freonnya then do the iron fillings with glue.

That way we can reduce the cost to purchase large evaporator, we only issue a cheap cost only with penggisian freon for fridge / freezer 1 door.

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