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how to dismantle the tube / washer drum - After the previous article we discussed the differences in the washing machine tubes 1 and 2 this time I will explain how to disassemble a washing machine tube for maintenance or repair process. Treatment is done because in most cases a washing machine that he was already quite long, usually keep crusts former laundry in the tube wall. Or we need to dismantle the tube because they have to replace clutchnya. Well, maybe in our shadow it is hard to do, but in reality it can be done easily sekali.berikut ways:

1.cara unload tube / drum washing machine - bolt

First - all open the couplers in sign images (usually there are 4 screws). Then lift the top cover.
how to dismantle the tube / drum washing machine
Once the top cover is open, will appear in the open part of the tube. Then remove the screw that is in the middle of the pulsator pulsator and pull up to remove it (usually rather difficult to draw pulsator as slippery and there are no parts that can be detached ditarik.dan

2.cara unload tube / drum washing machine - hose

Well after pulsator apart, will appear clutch binding bolt with washer tube. Open the bolt using the key shock (size rather forget me ... he he ... he), if not one of 35mm.
how to dismantle the tube / drum washing machine - the inside

If the clutch bolts have been removed, pull the washer tube (Drums) of Dumper (outer tub), now the picture on the right is a tube that has been raised from the outer tub and clutchnya.
Outter tub will look like this after the drum is removed. To release the clutch, stay dibalikin.

3. How to disassemble the tube / drum washing machine - bottom

Well, just open the binding screws of the outer clutch tu
How ..? not easy ...... ??.
Ok good luck unload tube / drum washing machine, good luck ...

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