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  • Pasang Ac Gresik

Services Description Attach Ac Gresik

Cv. Immortal Technique grace receive services plug ac plug acac Surabaya Surabaya services in addition to the west and the other we also include ac, washing machine, refrigerator, dispenser, showcase, freezer box, Ciller, Ciller water, ice maker, ice gream, fridge freezer, water heater , gas stove, auto ac, central ac, cassette ac, floorstanding ac, ac ceiling, wall monted ac, ac split duck, small wattage split ac, ac inverter, panasonic wall mounted split ac, split ac standard.
damage that we deal with are not cold ac, ac leaking water, ac leaking freon, refrigerator not cold, dead refrigerator, less cold refrigerator, washing machine dead, can not turn the washing machine, the washing machine does not want to turn, not turning the washing machine, the machine wash off, engine on-cucai of damaged, washer-on of no flame, washer loud noise while contorting, Overhoul washing machine, fridge ac compressor, replace the compressor, compressor oil change, filter change capillary refrigerator, and washing machine ac error and others.

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